Athens Residents vs. COVID-19

This is a Athens-wide partnership platform, where Athens residents can volunteer (in-person or remotely) and local non-profits and government can post volunteer needs. Let us unite and fight the pandemic together!

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  • Hotline Advocate

    The Cottage, Sexual Assault Center and Children's Advocacy Center

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    Hotline Advocates are tasked with helping The Cottage answer our 24-hour crisis hotline, which is of vital importance to our clients and their families. Hotline advocates are required to participate in specialized training and a criminal history check. A hotline advocate would need to be able to commit nights and weekends to be on call. Hotline advocates may expect to receive calls relating to sexual assault information, referrals, and occasional crisis calls.

    Helping with:
  • Resource Binder

    Bigger Vision of Athens

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    At Bigger Vision we serve adults who are experiencing homelessness and one of the struggles we face is connecting those we serve with the most up-to-date resources for their needs, especially now with COVID. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate assistance in developing a resource binder to continue to stay abreast to the newest resources available in our community that we can share with those we serve.

  • Volunteer Graphic Designer

    Athens Mutual Aid Network Website Team

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    Have graphic design skills? Anything from background research to content writing to adobe/graphic design software to design experience! The Athens Mutual Aid Network Website team is looking for 5 - 10 folx who will help with graphic design and other visual projects.

    Upcoming projects will be zine generation for political education and infographics, logos, and banners for the Athens Mutual Aid Network website.

    Ongoing projects will be unique Instagram designs that can be used for Facebook, Twitter, and Mastedon.

    Each project has a different turn-around time, from a few days) to weeks and months. Ideally, we would like everyone to join in as much as they can or as little as they like, but perhaps expect 3 - 5 hours every week if you jump into each project.

    Helping with:
    Looking for:
    Athens (on site)
  • COVAID in Athens General Volunteer

    Athens Mutual Aid Network + COVAID

    9 volunteers - sign up to volunteer

    Athens Mutual Aid Network is pairing with to create a unique portal that will allow folx from a twenty-mile radius around Athens (we might be expanding this depending on resources) to request mutual aid. Persons requesting aid can request volunteers directly, based on location, language services, other forms of accessibility such as car mobility or legal services offered. Volunteers can deny requests so that an admin can reassign the request to someone else.
    As a volunteer, you will do the following:

    1. Help in the capacity asked of you, if you feel yourself able and willing.
    2. Complete volunteer requests within 48 hours or pass the request for aid to a volunteer who can complete the request.
    2. Coordinate with admins and the web director of AMAN if you cannot take a volunteer request or if you need to buddy up to complete a request.
    3. Maintain self care and rest.

    The following will be listed on COVAID as options for aid:
    pickup & delivery (food, supplies, etc.), grocery shopping, grocery delivery, prescription pickup and delivery, family sponsorship, cooking/food preparation, pet care/dog waking for immunocompromised and elderly folks, art/music/writing offerings, emotional support, conversation/companionship (with social distancing), housecleaning, legal representation/advocacy (housing/labor especially), Neighborhood Point Person (reaching out to neighbors via word of mouth).

    Athens (on site)
  • Social Media Manager

    Athens Mutual Aid Network Website

    9 volunteers - sign up to volunteer

    The Athens Mutual Aid Network is looking for a volunteer social media manager to do regular updates on Twitter, Instagram, and the Newsletter on the Athens Help with COVID website. This volunteer will be in direct communication with the AMAN website team, including the website director Alden DiCamillo. To apply, please send a message of interest to